Duluth Trading

As kindly pointed out by George in the comments yesterday, more advertising focused on what makes the product worth buying – imagine such a thing...

By the way, on this subject, George's latest post is well worth a read.

Carhartt Rain Defender

Roll through angry weather.

This is good advertising. Honest and true.

Not a surprise to learn that this idea came from the in-house Carhartt creative department.

Aldi gives Morrisons a kicking

Aldi have followed Lidl's lead and produced a campaign that exposes Morrisons so-called loyalty scheme.

Whilst this execution doesn't display the same brutality and intelligence of its fellow discounter, it does still go for the jugular and take the high ground of price leadership.

I think it's a really healthy and refreshing thing to see a company take such a direct and no-holds barred approach to communication.

There's way too many ads around where you struggle to find even the remotest expression of a competitive advantage and too many ads bamboozling people with marketing gimmickry.

Hats off to anyone bold enough to run advertising counter to this trend and bullish enough to publicly tackle a competitor head on.

Ad of the day

 Introducing the R2 Fish School Complete Fish Training Kit.

 That fish doing the slalom has made my day.

Because Christmas.

There's been a lot of discussion surrounding the recent Sainsbury's christmas ad. I for one don't see a problem. After all, what's not christmasy about the mass slaughter of young men forced to go to war? Exactly! Nothing. 

If it were me though, I would've had Santa and Rudolph play a cameo role, stuck a hashtag at the end and then flog a load of teddy soldiers stuffing their faces with chocolate, crying they're eyes out, whilst riding Rudolph and cuddling Santa. But you know, not everyone is a marketing genius like myself. #wastedoppurtunity.

In fact I think there should be more global tragedies used to sell shit at Christmas. Like, maybe use the gas chambers of Auschwitz! Or maybe the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki! The assassination of JFK! YEAH, CHRISTMAS!

(In case you haven't realised) I think the Sainsbury's ad is fucking grotesque. If your that bothered Sainsbury's, donate the (no doubt) colossal budget you spunked on that ad and donate it directly. Maybe even reach a little further into your bottomless pockets and donate some more money. Don't use such an awful period in time to try get people into your shop to buy your stuff. 

Incase you haven't seen it already, the vomit-inducing ad is below.  

The Beauty Of Landing On A Comet

A spaceship from earth travelled 317 million miles to land on a comet travelling at135,000km/h yesterday. Quite an impressive feat. Whilst you are trying to get your head around that check out these amazing shots of the comet taken from the spaceship. Very surreal.

You can see more over on this NYTimes interactive website.

UPDATE: The European Space Agency has a flickr album dedicated to Rosetta (the spaceship) and it's photos over here. They look even more spectacular.

Erik Lamela on TransWorld Sport

Erik Lamela's incredible 'rabona' goal of a few weeks ago was a sight to behold.

Whilst this was a glimpse of his incredible talent, it's fair to say that he's still got a long way to go to fulfil his potential. Potential that was identified over a decade ago in this piece from TransWorld Sport that featured him as a twelve year old and one of the world's most in-demand youngsters at that time.

It's worth a watch if you have a spare five minutes. Even just to see his Caniggia-style ponytail in action.